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Academy Admin


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Welcome to the Quick-Course Template of CreateOnlineAcademy.

Our templates should be used as a launch pad to get your first online course off the ground. The purpose of the quick course is to build a lead magnet with the help of Free course or Low-cost course to attract more and more students.

A Single Course is made up of several chapters. In the chapters, you can add multiple Lectures, Exams, Webinar and Assignments.

This part of the course should be utilised to introduce the course content, objective, benefits and the instructor of the course. And the effective way is to add an introduction video to this lecture.

All lectures in this template are set to draft. Remember to publish this course to make it visible to students and share it with the world.


Category: Semester 3

Certificate Term:

- Introduction Duration

price : Free

  • Trainer:

    Administrator User

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